IoT Software Development for Electric Scooter Rental Company
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Back in 2018, Easy, a startup with a mission to make commuting in Lviv, a Ukrainian city, more eco-friendly and comfortable, approached HebronSoft. The company requested to build a scooter-sharing app that would allow riders to easily spot, rent, and use e-scooter with an Easy service. Also, there was the need for a one-page website that would represent the service and spread the word about it. 


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5-7 Months
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Easy is the first e-scooter-sharing service established in Lviv, Ukraine by visionary Danylo Kots. The company provides the citizens with access to environmentally friendly means of transportation, which is also cheap, fast, and convenient. With this service, scooter riders save time by avoiding traffic jams and freely moving across the city, even during busy hours.
EASY Culture
Easy subscribes to the idea that moving around the city should be cost-effective, convenient, and eco-friendly. They help people live more and spend less time in traffic jams, all without harm to the environment.
Why Now
Electric scooters have won popularity as a fast, eco-friendly, and fun way to get around. This commuting means of transport has plenty of fans, especially in Lviv.
Project Boundaries
The Project

During the project discovery stage, we agreed on the scope of the Easy project. The IoT device development solution the Hebron Soft company pledged to deliver included: 

  • Create mobile scooter-sharing apps for iOS and Android

  • Develop a web admin panel, web landing, MQTT broker, and API

  • Build a server to relay storage commands utilizing an MQTT system

  • Deliver a user-friendly design for mobile apps that would enable fast scooter rent.

Values Delivered

What End-Users Love About This Solution

  • User-friendly one-page website enabling the customers to get the necessary information about e-scooter sharing service.

  • Compatibility of e-scooter sharing apps with iOS and Android.

  • Quick download of the app from Google Play and App Store.

  • Easy procedure of registration in the application.

  • Clear search for nearby e-scooter available at a definite time.

  • Accurate information about the scooter's state, battery level, and more.

  • Quick process of unlocking the scooter in a program and starting a ride by scanning the scooter’s QR code.

  • Payment for the use of the scooter right in the app.

What Value Easy Gets 

  • Reliable software solution enabling the company to increase income.

  • Easy-to-use web admin containing all necessary information about both customers and scooters.

  • Powerful server that relays storage commands.

  • Smoothly performing API that connects all systems controlling the scooters.

  • Opportunities to scale quickly amid the booming e-scooter sharing industry.

  • Efficient ecosystem of shared mobility technology.

The Result Easy Achieved

As the IoT software development company, HebronSoft succeeded in delivering a complex solution to Easy. Our developers created an e-scooter sharing app, website, and admin panel development as well as built a server using an MQTT system and configured API for bringing all the systems together. As a result, the Easy company obtained a competitive advantage in the market offering a simple and convenient way to rent a scooter to its end users. The growing number of downloads from Google Play and App Stores proves the popularity of the e-scooter sharing service among city commuters.

HebronSoft is a very professional IoT development company! The most impressive thing about them was their ability to explain all technical things in a clear, simple language. They followed all requirements, helped us to define roadmaps and find the right solutions specifically for us. It was very much a partnership and a highly collaborative effort between us.
Pavlo Yurchuk , Co-Founder, Easy
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